IT Strategic Planning

All successful organizations must clearly identify their goals, vision, and objectives as a function of their organizational mission. IT Strategic Planning is critical to ensure the new technology and infrastructure supports the mission of the business unit or organization.

There are many challenges to an organization that test its overall resiliency. Strategic planning is an important way to identify risks and opportunities and develop the strategic direction of the organization. IT strategic planning is not just supporting the business unit, it also can help to increase the business productivity and overall revenue.

To better understand the future direction of the organization and how technology can enable the organization to be successful, strategic planning is important that require a collaborative process involving technology professionals and organizational stakeholders. Each organization is not different and unique. Therefore, a same strategic plan is not working to the other organization, and should be tailored specifically for an organization’s specific mission.

We provide comprehensive IT strategic plan contains the following:


Backup Solutions

  • Vision and Mission statements
  • Organizational history & values
  • Stakeholders analysis
  • Identification of key goals, objectives, strategies and associated action plans
  • Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis
  • Define performance indicators

IT Managed Services

We provide IT managed services maximizing the performance and reliability of your IT infrastructure. Our managed service to accommodate the many varieties of business and organization IT models which exist today. Using experienced project managers and engineers, our IT managed services bring you all the benefits of having your own in-house IT department without the costs

IT service management - IT problems diagnosed using technology covered by an IT service management plan are recovered quicker which can save you r annual support and business outage costs compared to systems not using managed services. For a fraction of the cost of traditional in-house IT, our IT managed services proactively monitor your systems 24/7 preventing any issue becoming into major interruptions to your business.

Managed services - Our IT service management monthly fees allow you to budget your IT support like any other overhead providing you with the peace of mind that the IT side of your business is covered. We provide proactive system monitoring that can discover IT infrastructure problems before it impact to your business. As a result, under our IT managed services you spend less money on expensive repairs and more time on your running your business.

We eliminate any future data recovery costs as we back up your critical data automatically and can restore your system at any time as part of our managed services.

Project Management Service

Our IT project management services can save your time, and you can focus on your business. Our certified project managers provide professional recommendation how to implement your idea within budget and timeline. Project manager can get on board at any stage, but the best success comes when the manager works with the team from the very first initial stage of the project

Project Manager who has knowledge in every technical detail well enough to estimate its value for overall success. You can find the list of professional project management services provided by us:


PM Services

  • Identify requirement, resources and define the scope of work.
  • Leading the project from analysis and schedule for project implementation.
  • Creating, updating and maintaining project and technical documentations.
  • Performing team assessment, performance and evaluation;
  • Assigning individual responsibilities and ownership within the team.
  • Managing day-to-day operational aspects of a project and scope control.
  • Communicate and provide daily or weekly report to clients.

Vendor Management

IT budget consulting, vendor management and IT product procurement services.

Our IT consulting service is not like the traditional IT consulting company. We leverage the experience of our procurement consultants to provide expert services that can help your organization budget for the procurement of IT products, on-behalf to subscribe any IT services with your vendors, assist with implementing a lifecycle product managed program and save you time on researching, studying and purchasing IT services, hardware and software.

Vendor management - Our vendor management services helps clients select the appropriate service vendors; categorize vendors to ensure the right contract, metrics and relationship; determine the ideal number of vendors; mitigate or transfer risk when using vendors; and establish vendor management channel that can have better leverage and negotiation power for our clients.

Services, Hardware and Software Procurement - We can manage procurement process for you including: product research, technology roadmap, order fulfillment, shipping and logistics. As an extension of your organization, we can also manage your existing product services, licensing, maintenance service and support renewals for you.


Our Service Including

  • IT Infrastructure
  • Cloud Services
  • Unified Communications
  • IT Security & Certificate
  • Software Licensing
  • Office Move & Relocation
  • Phone line, LAN & WAN circuits